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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Time and the Art of Living" by Robert Grudin

Ideally, a bold and lavishly imaginative individual should begin a project; a methodical and tireless individual, who stands in awe of his partner's brilliance but is affectionately critical of his excesses and lapses, should be in charge of the middle; and a third individual, patient, elegant and scrupulous, deeply impressed by his colleagues' joint achievement but aware that it will fail without his serene overview and inspired refinements, should complete the work. Even more ideally, these three should be one and the same person.

We consult troops of specialists on the question of how to live, when memory alone, heard with common sense and compassion, will tell us most of what we need to know.

Anyone who applies himself regularly, lengthily and energetically to a single project is certain, no matter what else happens, to encounter days of profound delight or unprecedented inspiration.

"Time and the Art of Living" by Robert Grudin

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